Saturday, 24 May 2014

Rebuilding the Hive - Part 1

In the "Rebuilding the Hive" posts I'm planning on showing my progress putting (back) together my much neglected Tyranid army and getting it up to date.

To start with I've been digging through the models I have and it turns out I actually have quite a lot.

The only problem is that most of them are in a terrible state of disrepair. I really hate moving house and as a result I pack really poorly and stuff ends up gettng damaged. I'm sure there's a lesson in that somewhere. Most of it is easily fixable though and anything that isn't I plan to modify heavily.

Anyway, taking stock I have:

1 x Hive Tyrant
3 x (old) Tyrant Guard
12 x Warriors
20 x Genestealer (with Broodlord)
38 x Termagants
20 x Hormagaunts
8 x Ripper Bases
1 x Lictor
4 x Raveners
1 x Tyrannofex (which isn't in the picture)

That works out to 1956 points without any upgrades, which is quite a lot really. What it isn't though, is a cohesive army. There was no real strategy when putting it all together, most of it I bought off a mate years ago. I think it'll probably have a lack of synapse and it doesn't have many anti-vehicle options.

So I plan to paint up everything I have and then start expanding my options. I really love the idea of a Tervigon, it's pretty unique as far as 40k units go and could be really useful although I'm going to do a bit more analysis on that first. Zoanthropes were always a favorite of mine too, and would provide anti-tank options and some more synapse. The Haruspex is also really cool so I might consider that.

I've already started painting (the stuff on the far left) with a red and yellow colour scheme. I thought it might be cool invert the scheme for synapse creatures just to differentiate them, although that'll help my opponent spot them more easily... I'm painting them for table-top so they look good from about a metre away but look more closely and they're a bit basic, but hopefully this way I'll eventually get to play with a fully painted army.

Overall, I think it's a pretty good start.

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