Thursday, 22 May 2014


After a long break I'm going to start trying to produce content for this blog again. I've decided that I'll just stick to posting about Warhammer and I've removed some earlier posts about videogames. The main reason for this is that I've just restarted collecting again and hopefully will start playing 7th when it launches shortly.

So my plans are to:

  1. Post updates on my army building, which will focus on getting my Tyrannids up to date. This should include some painting and modelling along with my general experience catching up after not playing competitively for over 5 years. I'd imagine some other people are in a similar position, hopefully I can clarify any difficulties involved.
  2. Some battle reports and analysis (of victories and defeats!).
  3. Some commentary on 7th edition 40k when it releases, my opinions and some rules analysis.
  4. I'm going to try doing some statistical analysis on 40k by running some simulations on combat between different unit. I'll try to apply my findings when I start playing again and I'll post about how that goes. I'm currently coding up the framework for the simulations right now but it's no where near ready. If I find it useful I might turn it into a simple app so I can do it on the fly.
Suggestions on what other types of content to produce are welcome. I know I haven't posted much so far but thanks to anyone who's taken the time to have a look.

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