Monday, 12 April 2010

Tyrannofex conversion - Part 2

So I had the basic shape, now I wanted to add some detail. I use an epoxy resin putty called "green stuff" to sculpt with. Usually I only sculpt small sections on models, this is the only larger model I've done, so fingers crossed.

5. I used tubes of green stuff and made these tendony/intestine style soft parts.

6. I filled the gap between the abdomen and thorax with a sinew type effect. I used Deirdre Barlow's (from coronation street) neck as a reference for this. ._.

7. I made tubes with emerging larvae to represent another weapon it uses: electroshock grubs. The plan is to add more larvae later on.

8. Next I set aboot making the main weapon which comes in 3 distinct flavours: rupture cannon, acid spray and fleshborer hive. I've been running some numbers and acid spray seems to be my favorite choice right now, but the rupture cannon is excellent too. Luckily as I'm making it, it could represent either. I used an old and a new crushing claw for the arm and 4 old barbed stranglers for the "barrel". I also pinned on the head at this point (extra strong styley, my mate Stu broke the head off this model twice in its last incarnation, just by picking it up).

9. I used wire coat hanger to make tubing going between the tyrannofex and the gun, to supply it with whatever gunk it fires.

10. I connected up the tubes and filled all the gaps basically. I tried to copy some of the sculpting on the venom cannon around the tubes. It half worked.

Not much left to do now, just a little more filling, and then time to get the legs on. I'm looking forward to undercoating him; it won't be so obvious where everything fits together after that.

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