Monday, 9 June 2014

Progress - Hive Tyrant

So I said that I was going to work on ten Genestealers next, but was totally distracted by my poor smashed up Hive Tyrant. A week later and I've nursed him back to health. Behold Stavros McStabberson, the Bane of Galashiels! Hmm... actually I'm still working on a name.

Next up I'm going to try and do those stealers, but I can't guarantee I won't get sidetracked onto something more fun. Sorry there was no analysis article this weekend, I'm planning to do one this week, I was pretty busy with a BBQ festival and getting this chap finished.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Nice blog, have enjoyed reading!

    I think for the analysis you should compare other things similar to the who shot first scenario. You could compare rapid fire with hive mind (or something like that, not clued up on warhammer ask that much but the models look cool! ) with 3 lines, one for rapid vs nothing, hive vs nothing and rapid vs hive.

    Also, this might be ambitious but i think it would look cool. Would you be able to generate the curves that fit the points, colour the gene stealers winning as one colour, the marines as another, and the intermittent space as a gradient colour change between the two showing how the win probability is split between the two compared moves? You could also optionally add more of a spread by incorporating the who shot first aspect as well. Think it would make s bad ass graphic representation of the probability and the best moves to make.

    Hope to see another update in the next few weeks if you have time! Keep writing. :-)