Monday, 12 April 2010

Tyrannofex conversion - Part 3

So that's him actually done now, and undercoated. The base arrived from Games Workshop this morning and he just fits on. So here is the last part of the process. Just a note: I know it's quite difficult to see some of the detail on the undercoated model so sorry, but I'll do a step-by-step series of the painting too.

11. I added a lot more grubs localised around his abdomen, but even crawling on his back and arms. I added a few more after these photos were taken, just to make it look like he was hoaching.

12. Legs on! It was a bit of a pain to get them secure, but after a tonne of pinning they're really solid. Even more surprising they can take the full weight of the model really well; I thought I might have to use a pin to take most of the weight but I'm glad I didn't. This is the finished amount of grubs too, I added a fair few more.

And that's that. Finished and undercoated for his mug shots. He stands around 20cm tall. I know a lot of people think that a T-fex should be bigger, but it's comparable in size to a trygon, which has the same number of wounds. I'm dead pleased with how he has turned out anyways, and it was a lot of fun to make. Not bad for a bunch of scrap and about £9 extra. Stay posted for paint job photos.

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